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We help high performing individuals get results, promote longevity and improve health and happiness through an active lifestyle

Drop body fat, adopt an active lifestyle & lose 20-30lbs over 12 weeks
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Reach Your Desired Body Fat Level
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Build Muscle To Promote Longevity
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Grow An Impeccable Mindset
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Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle Forever

Meet keaton & marshal

Everfit's mission is to help improve the lives of professionals and entrepreneurs through the teaching of proper training, nutrition and mindset strategies aligned with their busy lifestyles.

With Keaton's Bachelor of Exercise Science (Kinesiology) and over 15+ years of combined training and nutritional experience, Keaton and Marshal have solidified their place in the industry with exceptional 2-on-1 coaching and workout programs.

Everfit's approach to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle starts with the correct strategy for you. No two people are identical and neither are our programs.

No more unnecessary sacrifices, no more unqualified coaches, no more failed attempts. Everfit is here to educate you, hold you accountable and coach you to success.

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100% custom training plan

100% custom nutrition PLAN

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