6 Keys To Being Self Disciplined

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In order to reach any sort of goals, have any bit of drive or want to be motivated, it all comes down to self discipline. You must discipline yourself in a way to take initiative and control your urges.    

Whether you’re faced with getting up early for work, saying no to spending money while you’re out with friends, refusing an urge to finance that new car, or simply getting your butt off the couch to go to the gym on a day that day you’re unmotivated. All of these situations have one thing in common: self discipline.    

Something that so many of us adults lack, and we might not even realize it.    

The older we get, the less we have someone telling us what to do. As a child, your parents taught you to stay disciplined as best they could.    

Learning how to control urges within yourself is actually a skill in itself. It’s extremely hard to say no to things for some people.    

But, mastering this part of yourself has many benefits. You will feel happier, you will reach your goals easier, and you will feel a better overall sense of accomplishment with yourself.    

In order for us to build this skill, it may take a few lessons. I’ve laid out a few good points to getting started with building your self discipline skill.    

6 effective ways to start building self discipline:  

1. Identify what sets you off. Learn your weaknesses. Avoid them.

2. Remove any and all temptations.

3. Create new, simple habits over time, away from these temptations.

4. Change the way you see will-power.

Convince yourself that you have lots of will-power, and you will actually have more will-power.

5. Reward yourself when you do the right thing.

Positive reinforcement is powerful. Plan to reward yourself with something good for when you stay disciplined and follow through.

6. Learn to not self-pity.

Learn to forgive yourself for screw ups. Feeling sorry for yourself when you make an error will only cause the infinite negative feedback loop from hell to spiral out of control. If you don’t know what this is, read the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck”. Highly recommend.  

It’s as simple as starting with these. Self discipline is NOT something that you will instantly be perfect at after one day.      

It’s a skill that takes time to build. It’s mental will-power. It’s following through with what you promised yourself that you’d do yesterday.      

At one point or another, we all struggle or struggled with self discipline.      

In the end, it’s the one’s who learn from these struggles that grow the most.

Marshal McKenzie

Marshal is the original Founder of Everfit in 2019. With over 8 years of training and nutrition knowledge, Marshal has excelled in helping thousands of people around the world transform their body and live a happier, more fulfilling life.