8 Tips For Effective & Sustainable Fat Loss

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In this article, I'm going to lay out 8 tips for effective and sustainable fat loss. I used all of these principles to achieve this transformation last year (2021) in just 12 weeks.

Keep in mind... I've been weight training for 9 years so I have a solid base of muscle already built in the before picture.

This is why the results look so dramatic in such short term (and why yours might not look quite this extreme, unless you have a solid base of muscle already too).

1. Caloric deficit

First and foremost, let's establish the #1 baseline for losing fat... a caloric deficit.

You MUST be in a deficit to lose fat. This means you must consume less calories than your body requires to function. When this happens, your body taps into fat stores for fuel = fat loss.

2. Limit alcohol consumption

Fat loss & drinking DO NOT go hand in hand. Alcoholic drinks contain a TON of empty calories. One night of heavy drinking can set you back weeks of progress. This is also why "beer bellies" exist. Drinking a lot causes a heavy caloric surplus = weight gain.

3. Eat more protein

Protein filled foods keep you feeling full longer. Which leads you to having to eat less food, making you more likely to stay in a caloric deficit. Eat a protein source, healthy carb source, and of course veggies at EVERY meal. Avoid carb only meals.

4. Be active daily

Cardiovascular activities burn calories and will inevitably help you lose fat by making a caloric deficit easier to attain. Doesn't have to be a date with the treadmill:

- 5-10k steps daily

- jump rope

- sports

- light jog

- stair climbing

Basically anything that raises your heart rate for an extended period of time.

5. Drink plenty of water

Consistently drink water throughout each day. Before each meal, drink a full glass of water. You will feel full sooner, thus eating less food. Your body is ~60% water for a reason. Keep it hydrated!

6. Consider intermittent fasting (IF)

Intermittent fasting (also known as time restricted eating) is a tool we can use to feel more satisfied from our diet while maintaining a caloric deficit. It also has many other benefits for the human body which you can read here. I found it WAY easier to shed body fat using this tool. It's not a magic pill for a fat loss though, keep that in mind.

7. Lower carbs, replace with protein

As mentioned before, protein filled foods will keep you full. Low quality carbs only make you crave more carbs and don't keep you full very long. If you're having troubles losing weight, track your macros for 1 week. You will see your macro profile sucks.

8. Strength train

A well balanced resistance training program combined with the proper macronutrient profile is your best bet to drop fat AND gain muscle. Yes, you CAN certainly lose fat without strength training... But I will wager $1000 that you won't look how you want. Strength training is what gives you the muscular look that you're after.

Apply all of the principles listed here for no less than 12 weeks and you will be truly floored by the results!

Marshal McKenzie

Marshal is the original Founder of Everfit in 2019. With over 8 years of training and nutrition knowledge, Marshal has excelled in helping thousands of people around the world transform their body and live a happier, more fulfilling life.