How To Build A $500 Amazon Home Gym Setup

Marshal McKenzie working out outside with dumbbells.

1. 45lbs Olympic Barbell

Start off with a standard 45lbs olympic barbell. The versatility of this barbell is great. You'll be able to do all major compound lifts. Definitely the best bang for your buck.

Here's one for you.

2. Barbell Clips

Next, we need some clips for the barbellSome people might skip on these but I prefer to use them. Why stress about no clips/injury when you can simply put clips on...

Here's some for you.

3. Barbell Weight Plates

Next, we need to add some weight to the bar. For the average person, the following should suffice to start. If this isn't enough for you, simply buy more.

2x45lbs plates.

2x10lbs plates.

2x2x5lbs plates.

4. Power Rack

Moving along, now we need somewhere to rack our barbell while training. With this power rack, we can do things like squat, shoulder press, bench press.

This is the perfect budget power rack.

5. Flat/Adjustable Bench

Next, we need a workout bench so we can of course... bench press. Feel free to invest more to get an adjustable one so you can hit incline and/or decline.

This flat bench is great on a budget.

6. Pull Up Station

Lastly, we need somewhere to do pull ups. You can spend more and get something like this, or you can stay on a budget and just get a door station like this one.

Now with all of this equipment at home, you can do



-Bench Press

-Shoulder Press

-Barbell Row

-Pull Up

In total, this gym comes out to roughly $502.09 CAD. This will be different depending on your location and currency obviously. But overall, not a bad haul for $500!

Now get to work!!!

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Marshal McKenzie

Marshal is the original Founder of Everfit in 2019. With over 8 years of training and nutrition knowledge, Marshal has excelled in helping thousands of people around the world transform their body and live a happier, more fulfilling life.