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Marshal is the original Founder of Everfit in 2019. With over 8 years of training and nutrition knowledge, Marshal has excelled in helping thousands of people around the world transform their body and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

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8 Tips For Effective & Sustainable Fat Loss

If you don't enjoy the approach you're using for fat loss, you will inevitably fail. In this post, Marshal lays out 8 tips to lose fat in a more sustainable and enjoyable manner.

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How To Build A $500 Amazon Home Gym Setup

Build a versatile home gym on a budget of just $500, entirely from Amazon.

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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Everfit's key guide to keep off the yearly holiday weight gain. Learn strategies that you can apply to your life to avoid fat gain over the Holiday Christmas season. Intermittent fasting, strategic snacking and "picking your poison" are some of the topics covered.

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Benefits of Morning Walks

What is the benefit of walking? Is walking really more effective for fat loss than running? Walking is one of the most effective, cheapest, and easiest exercises you can do to help promote fat loss and a better overall sense of health. Learn more about the benefits of morning walks.

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Online Fitness Coaching Packages - Are They Worth It?

Is hiring an online fitess coach worth it? Discover different online fitness coaching packages and see which one is right for you. Workout from home, at the gym or a mix of both with an online fitness coaching package from Everfit.

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Benefits of the 18/6 Intermittent Fasting Diet

The 18/6 Intermittent Fasting diet gives you flexibility in your diet while helping you towards your goals. Read more about the benefits of the 18/6 Intermittent Fasting diet.

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Creatine Monohydrate vs. HCL - What’s the difference and which is better?

Which version of creatine is better, creatine HCL or Monohydrate? Creatine is proven to increase durability, athletic ability, produce strength gains and is also extremely safe.

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Why You're Failing In Fitness

Never miss a day twice.

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The Simple, Yet Unknown Truth To Building Dense Muscle

Ignore the fundamentals of muscle building and you won't be successful in achieving the look you want.

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I’m Stuck! Should I Cut or Bulk?

Not sure whether or not to put on muscle or shred fat first? Look no further.

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6 Keys To Being Self Disciplined

You need to understand the fundamentals that drive self discipline before mastering the skill.

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The Truth About Breakfast

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" ... or is it?

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The 5 M’s To Maintaining Motivation

The 5 M's to maintaining motivation explains our theory behind consistency and never missing a workout.

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