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Drop 10-30lbs over 90 days while learning the necessary habits to sustain your progress.


What will you receive?

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➡ Gym or at-home workouts
➡ weekly strength training coaching
➡ weekly cardio training coaching
➡ muscle anatomy breakdown
➡ exercise video library
➡ Plus much more


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➡ 100% custom nutrition plan tailored around your likes & dislikes
➡ Intermittent fasting coaching
➡ supplement coaching
➡ quality foods & grocery list
➡ daily guidance via the everfit app
➡ plus much more


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➡ bi-weekly face to face zoom calls/check ins
➡ habit coaching
➡ Sleep + stress management
➡ meet & connect with fellow members inside the everfit community
➡ 24/7 access to  us via everfit app
➡ plus much more

does this seem familiar?

➜ You are someone who is motivated to lose fat, build muscle or both.
➜ You are a male in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s and want to become the best version of yourself.
➜ You are a high achieving individual in other areas of your life (e.g. executive, professional, entrepreneur) and now you want to achieve the same success with your health & fitness.
➜  You are extremely time limited between things like your relationship, family, work, kids' sports, etc.
➜ You want to be that "cool" parent that is in great shape and able to play with their kids for MANY years to come...

Gary's Everfit experience

Gary is the Vice President of a Fortune 100 company.

He manages 2,500 employees (yes, you read that right) with a wife and two young children.

Together, we have navigated Gary's busy schedule with a unique plan to his situation and needs, while educating him on how to sustain the progress he's made.

Through 13 weeks working with Everfit...

Gary is down a whopping 26.7lbs!

And his words directly... "it's easier than I thought it would be."

He has decided to renew his Elite Coaching for another 12 weeks as we enter a rebuild phase.




zach's everfit experience

Zach is a manager of RCMP communications.

Throughout the 12 weeks, he saw his body fat drop while his strength improved dramatically.

In total, Zach is down 11lbs, has increased lean mass and feels better than ever.

Zach lives in Northern Canada, where the temperature falls below -40 degrees Celsius!

If he can get in his freezing cold car, hit workouts consistently and stick to his nutrition plan, so can you.

Zach has worked with both online and in person trainers previously, and did not see the results he was after.

Despite having a busy schedule, he was able to dedicate the effort necessary to better himself.

On August 31st 2020, Zach signed up with Everfit...

And has not looked back since.




ryan's everfit experience

Ryan is a busy family man and loves to play baseball in his spare time.

He also works a full-time, labor-intensive job.

Ryan came to us wanting to drop his body fat percentage and get in the best shape of his life for next year's baseball season.

In 12 weeks so far together, Ryan is down 22lbs and feels amazing.

Ryan has chosen to continue working with Everfit past the 12 weeks.

okay... so how does this work?

but wait... who are we?

Our names are Marshal (left) and Keaton (right) and we're the Founders of Everfit. With 15 combined years of training & nutrition experience, as well as Keaton's BSc in Kinesiology, we took notice of gaps in the fitness market.

with the right tools, direction, and education, you too can achieve the transformation you've always wanted.

This was us at the beginning of 2018... versus us in July, 2020.

Dear potential client,

We're not your everyday fitness coaches who simply command you around and expect you to listen.

We build real, personal relationships with our clients. Over time, we become more like friends.

We will create a 100% custom, personalized training program tailored around your likes, interests and goals.

As well as a sustainable and enjoyable nutrition plan catered to all your likes & dislikes.

We then listen to your feedback and guide, educate, & make adjustments as your body changes.

There is no risk involved working with Everfit. 

If you are on the fence about working with us, then schedule a free Intro call below and we will get to know each other a bit better prior to sign up.

Are you ready to experience the biggest change of your life?

Now imagine this:

  1. You become the big, strong, durable role model your children need for many years to come.
  2. People take notice of your presence without speaking as you enter the room.
  3. You're eager to take your shirt off just as you arrive at the beach.
  4. Your lover takes notice of your progress and dominance in the bed room.
  5. You sleep better at night knowing you've put forth your best effort to be healthy, get stronger and live longer.

all of these can become your reality, stARTING FROM THIS VERY MOMENT ONWARDS.

  • A structured, straight forward, practical, and customized approach to help you achieve your goal in the most enjoyable and sustainable way possible.
  • A hands on, personable coaching experience that will leave you with knowledge on health and fitness that will last a lifetime.
  • A "get ripped quick" scheme. You must be coachable, open-minded, and put in the work required from you.
  • Something that you can glance at on occasion expecting amazing results. You need to be honest with us ad yourself, follow what is written, learn as you go, listen, be consistent, and give it your 100% effort every step of the program.

your coaching package includes

100% custom training plan

100% custom nutrition plan

coaching & accountability

bi-weekly coaching calls

weekly recovery plan

exercise video library

our custom training app

the everfit community

daily access to us

Apply now to join the final fitness solution you will ever need

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